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I hate/love everything.



Medicine | Daughter

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• moon moon •
Hi! How are you? I was just wondering what your favorite color combinations are? I hope you're doing alright!

im everything and nothing. depends on what? I like gold and pink. other than that i like pastel colors… I haven’t really thought much about favorite combinations before.

I wish i was as skinny and pretty as you

please don’t. I’m sickly underweight. I’m sure you’re beautiful just the way you are!

so happy you are back.. I hope you are getting better, remember I'm here for you darling.

I manage to use my computer a bit now so thats good… maybe as good as things get, at least for awhile. thank you sweetie <3

I used one of the scented candles you gave me and now my room smells like you ; 3 ; How are you? I've thought about you almost everyday but i didn't tell you because i didn't want to sound like a creep but i worry about you a lot and i just hope you're ok i mean as ok as you can get when life sucks i guess

that’s so sweet! ; U ; I could be better, could be worse. killing feelings any way I can. Thank you, thats very sweet of you! not creepy at all, silly c; Miss you 

You jumped off a tall building right in front of me. I don't feel guilt often but the feeling was seething, I thought it happened because of something I did Jesus I don't ever want that memory in my head. be okay be okay be okay I want you to be okay I hate not being able to make you happy even with just hanging out

no worries love, I’m scared of heights ; ) well… I’m not trusting myself to be alone, so I’m staying with my dad, it helps. I hope you’re doing good. If I take up too much space in your life, cut me out like everyone else has. i really wish you the very best of the best, so what i feel don’t matter.